These images are the result of deliberate or accidental use of an idea. The fundamental concept of separating the grays to produce the image remains the foundation of my art while inclusion of color, shadow, dimension and angle compliment the print rather than providing a barrage of new techniques to stimulate the viewer’s perception. Photographers take great pleasure in introducing change for “change sake”. Change in how photography is viewed, purchased and discussed as fine art is highly valued among purists in the world of pure ideas.

My work has never been classified as “pretty” even though some of the images are easy to the eye. My attempt is to provide an avenue which may induce or resurrect happiness, sadness, anger or metaphysical thoughts. The image could invoke a socio-political spark coupled with social commentary or just a barren wasteland devoid of reality as we all see it around us… The images hopefully do not indicate any devotion to abstraction, victim group protest or just mockery of intelligence or emotions.